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SCL Convergence


SCL Convergence image

The Society for Computers and Law held their 2020 annual conference entirely virtually, which called for online event hosting, a lot of video editing work, and a microsite to hold it all together.

The end result is twelve hours of clean, engaging video that the charity is extremely proud of.

Remote Courts Worldwide


Remote Courts Worldwide image

The Covid-19 lockdown had a profound impact on court systems worldwide, driving the migration towards a remote process at a much greater speed. This site, built for the Society for Computers & Law, TechNation and Her Majesty's Courts Service, collates news and views from across the world on that movement.

Family Orders


Family Orders image

Continuing the legal theme, this tool enables lawyers to work with the Standard Family Orders, by:

  • managing and merging core case data, then
  • creating colour-coded Word documents from up-to-date templates, by
  • selecting document elements from a taxonomy tree.

Employment Claims Toolkit


Employment Claims Toolkit image

The Employment Claims Toolkit makes assessing the value of employment claims quicker, more accurate and more consistent.

Employment claims can be complex things, involving hundreds of calculations defined by legal precedent. Zehuti worked with Bath Publishing to create a calculator that details every aspect of an employment case and outputs court-ready schedules of loss.

Employment Cases Update


Employment Cases Update image

The sister site to the Employment Claims Toolkit, Employment Cases Update is the UK's leading index of free-to-view employment law cases.

It's very much a content site, covering all key Employment Appeal Tribunal, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court decisions, as well as key European cases and accredited CPD training.



Mituyu image

Mituyu is a social media marketing tool that manages content publishing to all of the major social networks.

  • schedule posts
  • plan campaigns
  • buffer publishing
  • automate content from RSS
  • filter content streams
  • auto-hashtag
  • get performance metrics
  • collaborate in teams
  • communicate
  • embed content in your own site
  • GDPR-compliant

Full disclosure; this is one of Zehuti's own projects.

Society for Computers and Law


Society for Computers and Law image

SCL is the leading tech law education charity - since its inception in 1973, it's been educating, engaging and informing the legal sector in the UK on all aspects of IT law, through content publishing online and in print, online webcasts and training, and regular high-profile events across the UK.

Their web presence is at the core of their efforts, managing membership, event booking, publishing, and maintaining their brand online.

Costs Law Reports


Costs Law Reports image

What makes Costs Law Reports interesting is its search engine; presenting its content (a vast library of costs cases) with an expert, instantaneous search engine using a mix of raw data and text analysis.

Informu GDPR


Informu GDPR image

GDPR regulations have had a massive impact on how UK businesses operate when it comes to protecting and respecting the personal data they process - and it's about time, too!

One important task all affected businesses must perform is the audit and documentation of the data they process, as well as detailing where it's sent to, and why.

This tool is essential to that task, guiding the user through security audits, organisational roles, personnel, and information assets, culminating in the automatic production of policy documents.


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